Sage Care Advice have been a lifesaver! From the moment you walk through the door the entire staff are true professionals.

I was most impressed by Bruce outlining the circumstances in which they can help at the outset of the free introductory meeting. He is very honest and upfront about the type of financial situation they can assist with.

Entering aged care and dealing with Centrelink is a minefield. I can’t imagine being an elderly partner or a non-English speaking background and having to deal with the complexity involved. Sage have picked up Centrelink’s mistakes one after another and have the knowledge required to get the fair outcome.

My representative has been outstanding. She is responsive to my queries and understanding of my personal circumstances at the same time.

If you want to avoid the financial and mental stress of entering a loved one into aged care I would genuinely urge you to at least have the free initial meeting with Sage. I couldn’t have gone through this without them.

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