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Sage Care Advice are specialists in the field of aged care financial advice. We provide financial guidance for your loved ones care. We’re based on the Sunshine Coast but help families throughout Australia.

ACS Aged Care Adviser Of The Year 2023 FINALIST

Providing clarity on the available options, allowing you to make the best decisions.

Negotiating fees and checking residential agreements on your behalf.

Completion of forms and ensuring information is up to date.

Documented third party assistance should your decisions be questioned.

Ongoing assistance with updating Services Australia and DVA.

Are you finding the aged care process overwhelming?

Let Us Help

It’s a tough time emotionally when our loved ones need to go to care and it’s made more difficult when you’re required to make timely financial decisions and complete what seems like endless amounts of paperwork. We can help.

Sage Care Advice is a privately owned, local business and the Sunshine Coast’s leading aged care financial experts, we have earned our reputation of excellence in this specialised field. We won’t recommend any investment products or platforms, we are 100% focused on aged care.

We’re a small team with a big commitment to assisting our clients with aged care funding issues. From achieving the right balance between minimising fees, maintaining or accessing the age pension and ensuring affordability of care fees to liaising with your aged care provider and Services Australia (previously Centrelink) for you. We reduce the burden of business and leave you more time to support and focus on your loved ones.

We are 100% focused on aged care

We'll save you time and stress, leaving you to focus on your family

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What Our Clients Say

Just like our name ‘Sage’, we are ‘profoundly wise’ and have a genuine desire to provide you and your loved ones with the best solutions. Here is some feedback from some of our clients.


My aunty thinks you lot are the best thing since sliced bread.

Beerwah QLD


Thank goodness for Sage and their terrific friendly and informative team, in particular Katie Spence.
When one suddenly needs expert advice on helping their elderly loved ones future, housing, financial needs and dealing with all the hoops of aged care, SAGE should be your first stop and very likely your last. Thanks so much Katie and Bruce.

Sunshine Coast

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